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If you love The Mists of Avalon, you won't want to miss the brilliant new novel, Prophecies of the Celts by Morgan Black.

Page-turning, astonishing, and deeply moving, this is the enthralling story of a Celtic female prophetess who discovers her true purpose in life. In this gripping tale, you'll discover:

* An omitted history from the Bible about Noah's daughter, who was turned away from the ark, built her own ship, and sailed on to Ireland

* A richly researched tale with a feminist bent

* Why and how the original name of Ireland was
The Island of Women.

A great deal of history is devoted to male prophets, but in Prophecies of the Celts, Black gives readers a look into the mind and world of a female seer with stunning insight. Panoramic in scope, and brilliantly moving and evocative, Prophecies of the Celts details the life of an extraordinary woman grappling with her destiny, with love, and with the future of the world. Filled with a rich tapestry of real-life characters, Prophecies of the Celts is part love story and part historical drama.

Destined to become a classic.

Available NOW from Amazon!

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